Inaugural APTCCARN Meeting | 20th Century Art Conservation Research Public Symposium


The Asia Pacific Twentieth Century Conservation Art Research Network (APTCCARN) is a collaborative effort to explore the history and preservation of twentieth-century cultural material in Asia and the Pacific. The Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation (GCCMC) is one of the founding members, and over 10-11 June, 2008, APTCCARN held its inaugural Meeting and public program at Balai Seni Lukis Negara (National Art Gallery, Malaysia) in Kuala Lumpur to present conservation research outcomes to date and identify future network projects. APTCCARN comprises of a group of researchers and art conservators from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, US, UK, Australia and Macau whose work focuses on art produced during the twentieth century in the Asia-Pacific region. This research is informed by art historical research, art curatorial practice and conservation and scientific inquiry. APTCCARN provides a forum for the identification and discussion of research focusing on the conservation and scientific analysis of 20th century paintings in Asia-Pacific.

The inaugural meeting was opened by Prof. Medaya Dr Najib Ahmad Dawa, Director of the National Art Gallery of Malaysia and over one hundred participants attended the public program and twenty APTCCARN members were at the planning day. The development of collaborative research projects and the on line dissemination of research data were identified as priority areas for the next two years. 

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This inaugural APTCCARN Meeting was funded by the Australia-Malaysia Institute.