Testimonial of the 4th APTCCARN Meeting

The APTCCARN meeting proved to be an excellent opportunity for me to meet professionals working in the field of conservation in Southeast Asia. The atmosphere was warm, welcoming, enthusiastic and friendly. It was my aim and I very much enjoyed hearing about the specific challenges our profession is confronted with in tropical climates. As an emerging conservator who is focusing her work on European museum collections of Southeast Asian art and heritage, I feel obliged to reach out, come in contact and present myself and my research internationally. APTCCARN's key message and insight for me was, that conservators in Southeast Asia are evidently shifting from an object- to a community-based conservation approach. 

Kind greetings to you and again many thanks! 

Eva Christiane von Reumont

MA student at the University of Arts Bern   
Conservation of non-European Cultural Heritage
– Polychrome Paintings and Sculptures –