Preventive Conservation Opportunity for APTCCARN Members

Dear members of APTCCARN,

We are writing to you to introduce Joel Taylor from the Getty Conservation Institute. Joel works in the area of preventive conservation, and is focusing on more sustainable, holistic approaches to climate control in museums and galleries.

One of the Getty Conservation Institute’s activities is the development of a two week intensive course for mid-career professionals responsible for the preservation of cultural collections (conservators, facility managers, registrars) and they are seeking expressions of interest and applications for the program in October. The course looks at climate as a system with many actors and relationships that run beyond the technicalities of relative humidity, and the approach to this as a process rather than a set of numbers.

The two week intensive workshop includes 10 weeks of online reading and activity, and six months of one-to-one distance mentoring. The course is for 18 professionals, because they want it to be a discussion where participants can share their experience and discuss complex issues from around the world. They also want participants to bring information about their institutions, which are a central part of the course curriculum.

The Getty Conservation Institute would be very interested in receiving applications from countries in the Asia Pacific region and will be looking out for them when they make their selections. One of the reasons for holding the workshop in Australia was to make it more accessible to professionals in this area and APTCCARN member Nicole Tse will also be teaching into the course.

There is more information HERE, but Joel is happy to answer any questions you might have on

Joel Taylor, PhD

Sr Project Specialist

Getty Conservation Institute

1200 Getty Center Drive

Los Angeles 90049 USA

T: +1 310 440 6829